IGN: Need for Speed Rivals – Developer Commentary

logobThe Sixth Axis: Need For Speed: Rivals Preview
“It’s with AllDrive that this game is really pushing the franchise to new heights…”
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VG24/7VG247: Need for Speed: Rivals – get your motor running
“Rivals is packing in everything that made Hot Pursuit a success and more”
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kotakuKotaku.com: Need for Speed Rivals
Looks Amazing Whether You Play It on PC or PS4
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ShackNews-logo-bwShacknews : Need for Speed Rivals preview: cops and robbers
“one of the most exciting racing games on the radar right now.”
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Progression and Scoring Mechanics in Need for Speed Rivals

Hello, I am James Mouat, Lead Designer at Ghost Games, and in this post I want to talk about the progression and scoring mechanics in Need for Speed Rivals.

Progression is a big part of the experience when playing and we wanted to make sure we designed careers for both Cop and racer players that would give players lots of content that they could choose when, where and how they completed each path. We wanted to make sure that players who prefer to test their driving skill could choose that path through the narrative, players who preferred racing and competition would have a path open to them as well, and of course the players who want to trade paint and wreck other players could make their way through their careers choosing goals that gave them an outlet for their aggression. Most importantly though, players are free to mix and match these styles of play at each step through the game’s progression system, meaning that every player will have a unique career path and unique experience.

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An Exciting Week at E3

E3 is one of the biggest events of the year and if you didn’t get a chance to stay on top of all the Need for Speed news, announcements and reveals don’t worry because here’s everything that you missed!
At the EA Press Conference on June 10th we debuted a brand-new  trailer featuring Need for Speed Rivals‘ street-racing rivalry between Cops and Racers!  In addition to the action seen in the new trailer you’ll also see that we revealed a few more cars that will be available in the game; the Nissan GT-R Black Edition, Lexus LFA, and Pagani Huayra.

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Need for Speed Rivals

Ghost Games are please to announce their upcoming release….

Need for Speed Rivals – Risk Everything in the Ultimate Rivalry

Welcome to Redview County, where a street-racing rivalry between cops and racers never stops as both sides push the limits to win followers and support in an all-out media war.

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The truth about life inside the game industry according to a pair of EA’s rising stars

When you’re on the outside looking in, the game industry is a difficult environment to gauge. Tales of killer crunches, legendary knees-ups and creative ecstasy abound. But where does development fantasy end and the reality kick in?

We asked Dennis Brämvall, a junior gameplay designer at DICE, and Lizette Stenqvist, a graduate VFX artist at Ghost, what it’s like to work in games.

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Dice spin-off is haunting Gothenburg

Last year Electronic Arts launched a new Swedish game studio called EA Gothenburg. It has been eight years since Dice moved from Gothenburg to Stockholm.

Dice have now decided to create a new studio, Ghost in the center of Gothenburg. Here development of new games for the Need for Speed series will take place. The goal is to be as reputable as Dice.

The responsibility for the studio was fell to Marcus Nilsson, who had been working for Dice since 2002 and been a part of Dice’s former manager and the recent EA- “hot shot” Patrick Söderlund’s immediate workgroup.

The choice was not a coincidence. Nilsson himself worked at the former Dice Gothenburg office before it moved to Stockholm eight years ago. He also led the development of Need for Speed shift and it’s a Need for Speed game that the new studio will develop.

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Computer Games create jobs

Gothenburg fall of 2012, was full of lay off in the job market, but not all companies are pulling the brake. The computer game company Ghost are hiring continuously.

Behind the modest almost unnoticeable entrance in the center of town you’ll find Gothenburg’s new game studio. 

At Ghost, which is owned by gaming giant Electronic Arts around 65 people are working full time, with something that they are hoping to be the next big car racing game. 

– We are making a driving game where you drive around and do crazy things while also playing with your friends, often through online functionality, says Marcus Nilsson, executive producer of Ghost games. 

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