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The Challenge Ahead

Reporting to the Sr. QA Director, the Sr. QA Manager works alongside the development team to build and evolve a strong onsite Quality Assurance program inclusive of Quality Engineering and Development QA Support. Pushing quality, efficiency and tech driven solutions in the QA discipline.

They are responsible for hiring, mentoring, training and shaping the onsite Development QA group into a strong, technically proficient team focused on Defect Prevention and Containment and leveraging the benefits of Automated Testing.

They will ensure the QA Program has the correct structure and skills and an effective organization and ownership split that ensures everyone is fully utilized and the structure is focused on upstream bug prevention through tools/automation and development alignment rather than black box testing.

They should be the Development Teams primary point of contact when asking for support and should factor this into their plans in addition to helping build out long term test strategies with each QA Analyst and Quality Engineer on their team.  They are also responsible for managing the relationship with the Development Team and building strong ties with leadership of all disciplines.

The Senior QA Manager needs to be able to build long term plans covering a title from Concept through to post-Launch support.  They will also need to be able to track multiple deliverables, both locally and remotely, and be able to rapidly change plans and process as needed to react to changing Development priorities.

The Senior QA Manager will need to integrate themselves in the Development Team and be the primary conduit to align onsite QA to both Development aims and wider QA delivery success.

The role requires strong Project Management and Communication skills as work will be coordinated between multiple sites and time zones.  All groups will need to be clear on plans, deliverables and what Development regard as success criteria.


What a Senior QA Manager does at EA:

  • Build a strong onsite team of QA Analysts focused on Defect Prevention and Containment.
  • Build a strong Quality Engineering team focused on efficiencies, automation and tools that support Defect Prevention and Containment
  • Own hiring, mentoring, training and growing the team as well as conducting regular 1:1 meetings with them and working to maintain morale.
  • Ensure all QA Analysts have a strong, long term strategy for their area of ownership focused on upstream Bug Prevention rather than Black Box Testing.
  • Ensure all Quality Engineers have a strong, long term strategy for their area of ownership focused on automation, tools and test efficiencies.
  • Supporting and managing the Local QE Technical Director to leverage the larger QA/QE organization whilst looking for opportunities to share / collaborate on process and technology.
  • Help drive QA Evolution including Defect Prevention/Containment process and increased use of Test Automation across Dev QA and the Dev Team.
  • Plan and execute pre-integration content testing strategies using development tools.
  • Establish methods for Grey/White box testing on appropriate features/tools.
  • Drive the use of Automation and Tools within QA.
  • Collaborate with Development partners and balance Development Support tasks against QA/QE Delivery work.
  • Represent QA/QE in Development Meetings, pushing for risk mitigation where appropriate and ensuring alignment as well as flagging risks to budget or project from development driven change.
  • Work to build capacity and budgetary requirements for Onsite QA/QE covering staffing costs and associated hardware requirements.
  • Recognise, communicate and mitigate risks to project delivery.
  • Actively contributes to strategic planning and ensures plans will deliver project on time, quality and budget.
  • Proactively make process improvements project wide, identify patterns and new solutions.


The next great Senior QA Manager also needs:

  • Must be proactive, flexible, and able to adapt QA process to the critical needs of the development team.
  • Able to mentor and evolve direct reports.
  • Good Team building skills, the Development QA Team should work as a coherent unit.
  • Strong Customer focus both in terms of development partners and also end users.
  • Driven to develop new methodologies to track quality that put the player first.
  • Actively contribute towards building a consensus within a group.
  • Always looking for opportunities to work in new ways and improve and evolve process.
  • Able to rapidly adapt plans and process to the needs of the development team and delivery of the project.
  • Solid time management both personally and when building plans for the wider team.
  • Able to effectively organise others (both QA/QE and Dev) to execute plans and collate results.
  • Excellent conflict management, able to remain fair when dealing with sensitive situations.
  • Strong decision making skills, able to review facts, weigh options and anticipate consequences of decisions.
  • Able to pre-empt problems and ensure contingency plans are always available.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.  Able to assess the right reporting style for different tasks and audiences.
  • Solid technical appreciation, understanding of technical design or technical information.
  • Able to be hands on to fully understand the challenges and effectively and knowledgeably communicate status with multiple stakeholders.
  • Results are based on quality and not simply on task completion.

Additional Experience and Skills:

  • 5 years of managerial experience with at least 2 years managing managers
  • Triple A Game Experience as QA Manager with multiple titles
  • Degree level education.
  • QA experience of at least 5 years.
  • Proven experience in multi-disciplined projects and/or test management.
  • Proven ability to manage and lead a test and/or quality engineering team.
  • Preferable experience of working with teams over multiple sites/countries.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of software development, QA, and automation tools and processes.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of software development processes, change management and process improvement
  • Desire for a career in Software Testing and a passion for video games.


What’s in it for you? Glad you asked!

At Ghost we take care of our staff and have done so during our steady growth over the years since the studio was founded. In addition to a competitive compensation package we offer our employees 10 EA games per year, massage every month and health care allowance. We have a collective bargain agreement with Unionen and also provide our employees with pension; ITP 1 or ITP 2.

We look forward to receiving your application!

More about our location

Ghost Games is an EA studio located on the west coast of Sweden. Gothenburg is Sweden’s second largest city with a population of about 1 million people. This charming location was chosen because of the plethora of highly talented game developers that can be found in this part of Sweden and its southern regions. Founded on the core principles of excellence, fun and respect, Ghost is working to create a world-class team of developers and an exceptional working environment, and to build the next big thing in AAA gaming.


General Information

This position is permanent and applications will be selected continuously. Please apply online with a CV and Introduction letter in English. As part of the application process we might ask you to perform a practical work test.