Senior Vehicle Artist

We are EA

Artworks is a highly engaged content creation team within EA Studios.  We are creatively driven and focused on high end visual production across multiple genres and art styles.  Our art studios are in Vancouver, Orlando, Guildford, Gothenburg, and Shanghai. Working with our game team partners we share a unified passion for creating amazing experiences, and industry leading visuals. We are adventurous and creative.  We are courageous and we take chances.  We seek pioneers who cut new paths and conquer challenges with fierce determination. We look for the best in everyone.


The Challenge Ahead

We’re looking for a Senior Vehicle Artist who has a real passion and understanding for vehicles and can carry it through to the game whilst pushing technical limitations and follow the artistic direction.


What the Senior Vehicle Artist will do:

  • Is technically minded and can find solutions in a complex environment where art needs to meet tech.
  • Knows how to balance quality and performance
  • Can put effective solutions and workflows into practice and follow up on the results.
  • Strives to understand the entire flow from start to end for a vehicle.
  • Works closely with the Art Director to deliver on the game vision.
  • Locates reference material and any other support needed to be able to deliver with quality.
  • Review and feedback on material.
  • Is good at communicating within a team and with other vendors and groups when presenting ideas, solutions and challenges.
  • Can document their findings in a methodical way, and communicate to the team and other groups.
  • Is good at estimating time and is dependable.
  • Should see the strengths, limitations and potential of the team and plan work accordingly.
  • Should be experienced in distributed development


Who you are:

        • Has experience in the game industry.
        • Should know cars, how they work and fit together. A car interest is a big plus.
        • Has excellent 2d texturing skills and can understand how textures and materials work together to create realism.
        • Has extensive knowledge of shading and shaders and understands how a modern game engine works.
        • Has an eye for realism as well as aesthetics that carries across to the game visuals.
        • Can draw and sketch in 2d/3d to visualize ideas and designs.
        • Will use these software

– Maya

– Photoshop

– Zbrush, mudbox or equivalent.

– Crazybump

– substance

– FrostEd

– Perforce

– Office suite


What’s in it for you? Glad you asked!

At Ghost we take care of our staff and have done so during our steady growth over the years since the studio was founded. In addition to a competitive compensation package we offer our employees 10 EA games per year, massage every month and health care allowance. We have a collective bargain agreement with Unionen and also provide our employees’ with pension; ITP 1 or ITP 2.

We look forward to receiving your application!


More about our location

Ghost Games is an EA studio located on the west coast of Sweden. Gothenburg is Sweden’s second largest city with a population of about 1 million people. This charming location was chosen because of the plethora of highly talented game developers that can be found in this part of Sweden and its southern regions. Founded on the core principles of excellence, fun and respect, Ghost is working to create a world-class team of developers and an exceptional working environment, and to build the next big thing in AAA gaming. We are a true multinational crowd with at least a third of us from many countries around the world. English is the main language of communication. Most of us at Ghost are now on our 2nd or 3rd project. It is a great place to work!

General Information

This position is permanent and applications will be selected continuously. Please apply online with a CV and Introduction letter in English. As part of the application process we might ask you to perform a practical work test.