Senior World Builder

We are EA

Artworks is a highly engaged content creation team within EA Studios.  We are creatively driven and focused on high end visual production across multiple genres and art styles.  Our art studios are in Vancouver, Orlando, Guildford, Gothenburg, and Shanghai. Working with our game team partners we share a unified passion for creating amazing experiences, and industry leading visuals. We are adventurous and creative.  We are courageous and we take chances.  We seek pioneers who cut new paths and conquer challenges with fierce determination. We look for the best in everyone.

What the World Builder Does at EA

The World Builder will work with both internal and external teams of world/environment, to deliver diverse and engaging open worlds and gameplay levels for our players. They will collaborate closely with Art Direction and Designers, to understand and help develop both the visual and gameplay experiences – according to the goals of each.

They will continually strive for quality, whilst employing and developing efficient working practices, to ensure practical delivery of large volumes of content

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Build visually engaging open world experiences, from start to finish, with superior attention to composition and visual flow
  • Hold/develop and deliver a clear vision for an area or world and deliver on it
  • Ability to gather and collate references effectively
  • Produce relevant documentation\maps\briefs\reference
  • Ability to prototype and explore ideas collaboratively or alone
  • Collaborate with AD to create visually compelling levels
  • Help drive/support and develop the design pillars and gameplay
  • Ability to marry design and art needs to achieve the best outcome.
  • Implement and uphold a consistent visual language for gameplay requirements
  • Set dress locations, both organic and manmade, conveying depth and storytelling in the way assets are composed, and going beyond the immediate needs of game design
  • Create proxy (placeholder) assets and write asset briefs
  • Own the entire level building process, from initial grey-block rapid layout, through to final assets
  • Communicate and collaborate efficiently with other stakeholders and teams
  • Conform to naming conventions and maintain team standards and practice
  • Provide feedback to internal and or remote art teams

Secondary Responsibilities:

  • Able to produce quick rough production concept art or paintovers if necessary
  • Breakdown concept art and style guides into efficient asset lists, taking into opportunities for reuse
  • Work with the game team & designers to provide art support in the form of modular asset kits that conform to gameplay metrics
  • Explore new techniques, tools, and workflows, that improves quality and efficiency
  • Mentor junior/intermediate artists

What the World Builder needs to have:

  • Proven production experience with hard surface modeling and owning entire levels
  • Expert knowledge of Maya, Max, or similar 3D modeling software
  • Ability to develop a clear vision for a world or area
  • Ability to break down complex open world levels into efficient asset kits and components
  • Ability to iterate with low-fidelity content, to prove out asset variety and quantity, before final asset creation
  • Strong sense of proportion, scene composition, and lighting, with a superior eye detail
  • Ability to manage and direct a small subset of artists in delivering a section of level/world to final quality
  • Create and document workflows, processes and pipelines when necessary
  • Ability to assess quality and identify material and geometry improvements to be made without direct supervision
  • Ability to assess scope, make recommendations, provide solid estimates, and deliver on time and to quality
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively as well as raise risks and concerns in a timely manner that can be acted upon
  • Ability to collaborate with Art Directors and to receive and react to feedback in a positive manner.
  • Ability to interpret game design and level design and provide suitable art content that fits the requirements, without breaking mission or level flow/metrics
  • Ability work with out-source/partner teams were necessary
  • Ability to provide accurate feedback in relevant format
  • Experience working with content driven game engines (e.g. Unreal, Frostbite, Unity)
  • Ability to convey a sense of ‘story’ through scene composition and set dressing – either to support, or enhance to the game design
  • Ability to adapt to new & proprietary tools and workflows
  • Ability to work directly with designers, engineers, and tech artists to achieve the best results for their assigned area.
  • Experience delivering assets to time and technical budget constraints
  • Knowledge of high fidelity modeling techniques, along with ability to paint photorealistic surfaces using industry standard physically-based 3D paint software (ideally Substance Painter) – a plus
  • Experience with photogrammetry, PBR, ZBrush and Substance is a plus.

Portfolio Requirements:

  • Examples of entire levels that were created/owned from start to finish
  • Set and environments that demonstrate understanding of composition, visual storytelling, and organic flow
  • Examples to demonstrate set dressing skills, including natural sets – e.g. vegetation and foliage distribution
  • Examples of both manmade and organic sets
  • Work examples that demonstrate effective world building processes
  • Examples of high fidelity modelled assets, surfaced using 3D paint software, e.g. Substance Painter – a bonus
  • Examples to demonstrate understanding of physically based material and lighting – a bonus
  • Concept art or story board examples a bonus

What’s in it for you? Glad you asked!

At Ghost we take care of our staff and have done so during our steady growth over the years since the studio was founded. In addition to a competitive compensation package we offer our employees 10 EA games per year, massage every month and health care allowance. We have a collective bargain agreement with Unionen and also provide our employees’ with pension; ITP 1 or ITP 2.

More about our location –

Ghost Games is an EA studio located on the west coast of Sweden. Gothenburg is Sweden’s second largest city with a population of about 1 million people. This charming location was chosen because of the plethora of highly talented game developers that can be found in this part of Sweden and its southern regions. Founded on the core principles of excellence, fun and respect, Ghost is working to create a world-class team of developers and an exceptional working environment, and to build the next big thing in AAA gaming. We are a true multinational crowd with at least a third of us from many countries around the world. English is the main language of communication. Most of us at Ghost are now on our 2nd or 3rd project. It is a great place to work!

We look forward to receiving your application!


General Information

This position is permanent and applications will be selected continuously. Please apply online with a CV and Introduction letter in English. As part of the application process we might ask you to perform a practical work test.