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Artworks is a highly engaged content creation team within EA Studios.  We are creatively driven and focused on high end visual production across multiple genres and art styles.  Our art studios are in Vancouver, Orlando, Guildford, Gothenburg, and Shanghai. Working with our game team partners we share a unified passion for creating amazing experiences, and industry leading visuals. We are adventurous and creative.  We are courageous and we take chances.  We seek pioneers who cut new paths and conquer challenges with fierce determination. We look for the best in everyone.


The Challenge Ahead
The Development Director (DD) at EA is a critical role and responsible for ensuring the successful delivery of a game on time and within budget. Prior to production, they carry out a detailed analysis of the game design and work out the project ‘milestones’ (specific targets that must be met by certain dates), agreeing upon these with the key technical and creative managers such as the Game Designer, Art Director and Lead Programmer. The DD then works out a schedule for the project and decides the personnel and equipment needed.

Once development is underway, the DD monitors the team’s progress against the schedule. They must be able to prioritize when production deadlines are a concern, manage risks, and plan for contingencies. Finally, the DD is responsible for all people management on the team and is tasked with motivating and developing all staff under their management including career development.


What the Development Director will do:

Project Management

  • Responsibility for establishing an overall project schedule based on the individual task estimates; determine the resource requirements to meet the task requirements; validate task duration and determine task dependencies; establish a budget for each task, determine task dependencies, and assign tasks to team resources as appropriate; establish test plans / success criteria for each task;
  • Managing the change request process; decomposing change requests into component tasks, and of estimating the impact of each change request on project schedule, budget, and resources; communicating to project stakeholders the impact of each requested change, and produce a work breakdown structure from a design document;


Staff Management

  • Provides inspiring leadership by proactively meeting or communicating with employees individually to monitor and prevent potential problems or concerns; reward and recognize performance and provides coaching on performance related issues; monitors workload and recognizes extra effort with praise and discretionary rewards;
  • Participates in development of retention programs; works with team members to develop and pursue a career action plan and identifies potential growth opportunities; provides team members with information on self-study, courses and training opportunities; participates in employees’ performance evaluations; participate in the recruitment of new team members; reviewing resumes, interviewing and assessing candidates;



  • Ensures adequate equipment, tools and support are provided for team members;
  • Enhances personal understanding of the production process and actively offers input;
  • Provides input for departmental planning (i.e. resource planning, cost estimates etc.); can facilitate process improvements across departments; shows comfort in moving beyond micro-management of junior staff and directs delegated responsibility effectively.


Who you are:

  • 5+ years of software development experience (preferably from the gaming industry); 4 years Project Management experience; 3 years of leadership experience (line management);
  • Professional background in arts/cg asset management strongly preferred
  • Strong negotiation, mediation and conflict resolution skills.
  • Excellent communication skills (written and oral) across all levels of an organization, especially in a distributed team from different time zones.
  • Ability to work with artists and an understanding of the creative process and its impact on business needs.
  • Ability to own and drive a meeting with multiple stakeholders and effectively attain the meeting’s purpose.
  • Significant experience with agile development methods and tools.

What’s in it for you? Glad you asked!

We realize it takes world-class people to make world-class games, we offer competitive compensation packages and a culture that thrives off of creativity and individuality. At EA, we live the “work hard/play hard” credo every day.


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General Information

This position is permanent. Please apply online with a show-reel, CV and Introduction letter in English. This position is located in Guildford, UK.